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Teshi Technologies is an IT consulting firm with a specialized focus to transform the small and medium scale industries in every aspect of their operation. In particular, it is the India's leading company focused primarily towards application and web development, web designing and business process outsourcing.

Teshi Technologies has deep domain knowledge and proven expertise in verticals like Healthcare, Retail, Finance, Human Resource and Helpdesk. Range of services span the complete value chain, from high-end consulting to application outsourcing to product development to operations management.

We offer various services like Application Development, Web Designing, Web Development, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Ecommerce solutions, Business Process Outsourcing, Corporate Trainings, Data Management and much more to provide value for your business.

Teshi Technologies works with an objective to go along with the associated customers; transform their business completely during its journey and lead them to achieve their set goals and objectives.

Our first target is the small and medium scale organizations which are way behind automation due to various constraints and still focused on the traditional ways of operating their business. The constraints could be low budget, lack of awareness, unwilling to experiment anything new or else.

Teshi Technologies invites you to join us in our journey towards transformation and leverage our extensive range of services.