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Loan Management

Choosing the best loan management services means evaluating a variety of factors, including not only the costs and technical requirements for a loan management program, but also the real customer service value inherent in a specific loan management service. Loan management services help clients to handle debt, but some do this better than others. Figuring out which ones work best for you involves a strategy of researching what you need and how it can best be done.

One basic aspect of looking at loan management services is saving of time and money to manage loan transactions. Lot of private firms in the market is offering various types of loans to the customers. Without a well designed Loan Management Software System in place, managing large number of customer base is a nightmare.

Teshi Technologies has expertise implementing Loan Management Systems in the Government sectors, India. Having expertise in this area, we are capable to automate your Loan Service in the most economical and quicker way.

Claims & Reimbursement

In almost every small, medium and large scale organization, they have an operating department to reimburse and settle the claims raised by their employees, workers, contractors and other operating staff. These expenses are generally a small amounts but the volume of transactions is high depending upon the size of the organization.

Tracking these expenses in a manual register is a tedious task and at times looses its significance. At times, when the organization audits or revisits its running expenses and finds the claims and reimbursement settlement amount comparatively high; a need arises to retrospect all the data.

Claims and Reimbursement Management Systems help you in maintaining and tracking these expenses. These systems are very small and least expensive in nature but very effective when installed in the organization.

Teshi Technologies has experience in implementing such systems in the organizations.