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Warehouse Management

Determining the best software system for managing warehouse functions can be a confusing proposition, given the number of available options and merchants' varying needs.

Most options provide the essentials required to operate a basic warehouse. Many Order Management Systems (OMS) have warehouse or back-end functionality as part of their overall software package.

Still, many merchants choose a Warehouse Management System (WMS) for their operations, as a supplement to their other software. That's because Warehouse Management System include broader-based warehousing and fulfillment functionality that can be hard to find in the other systems.

WMS functions are targeted to a specific set of processes, whereas the other options must enable control of many other complex functions, in addition to the warehouse. The specialization of the WMS enables configurability, scalability and flexibility.

So should you consider a WMS for your operation vs. an OMS or another back-end system?

Teshi Technologies has expertise in automating large warehouses (domestic as well as international) and can help you find the answer of this question.