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Hospital Management

Hospitals spend millions of dollar in acquiring and maintaining Hospital Management software. Even after aquiring one, either the entry forms are loaded with the required information or at times the information requirement specific to your hospital is missing in there.

Teshi Technologies had provided offshore services for developing the customized Hospital Management Software for the American Hospital. The software was developed for the computerization of the American Hospitals containing various modules catering to one or other functional area of the hospital. Every module was integrated with each other so as to provide the comprehensive patient reports as and when needed.

The software had capability to maintain the complete history of its patients visit to the hospital throughout the life. The software was integrated with a complete Voice Recognition Software to facilitate the doctor to not even touch the keyboard to enter the data.

Clinic Management

Teshi Technologies had been involved in providing offshore services for developing the software for the American Doctors to manage the clinic. The software facilitates the doctor to make their Daily Appointments, setting different kinds of appointments with the patients at different intervals.

It contains various modules of transferring the patients of a particular doctor to other telling them about the doctor available timings and aligns those available timings as per the patient needs. It was small but very useful package to manage any clinic.

With this brief history, Teshi Technologies has proven its skills to build such kind of software for its prospected customers as well.