"Formerly Pujymarketing"
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Welcome to Teshi Technologies

Teshi Technologies is an IT consulting firm with a specialized focus to transform the small and medium scale industries in every aspect of their operation. In particular, it is the India's leading company focused primarily towards application and web development, web designing and business process outsourcing. Read more»

Consulting & Technology Area

text text text Teshi Technologies delivers a wide range of full-lifecycle consulting and technology services to its customers. Our company is built on advanced proven methods and standard best practices, regardless of client project抯 scope or complexity. Delivering Advice and  Read more»

Our Objective

Teshi Technologies works with an objective to go along with the associated customers; transform their business completely during its journey and lead them to achieve their set goals and objectives.

Teshi Technologies invites you to join us in our journey towards transformation and leverage our extensive range of services.

Domain Expertise

Teshi Technologies has expertise in various business domains in the industry which includes

  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Finance
  • Human Resource
  • Helpdesk

Member Area

Our Services include

News & Events

  • Teshi Technologies has tied up in long term partnership Read more»
  • Teshi Technologies has launched the shopping portal  Read more»

Contact us

E-mail: info@teshitechnologies.com


Phone: +91 9971791323

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